The Future of Higher Education

Begins Here

In recent years there has been growing talk about the need to create a new University. Books have been written and many blog posts have touch on the topic.

There have even been several new institutions actually created both to espouse the conservative worldview all but banished in mainstream academia and to push even harder for a post nation state Citizen of the World future.

Others have explore online and mixed education from idealistic and commercial angles.

But none of these measures have created any serious competition for the big name schools that seem to have a strangle hold on the mindshare of parents and employers.

Undoubtedly, the cost of creating an elite brick-and-mortar institution would be staggering. But we live an era with the largest number of millionaires and billionaires in the history of humanity. The wealth needed does exist and most fortuitously could be amassed from modest number Private sources.

However, this leads to a temptation to wait for a mega-donor to step up with check in hand and give us the directive to "make it so".

Equally seductive can be the temptation to throw up a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Shell and start looking for small donations. While the initial costs of going this path seem low, trying to do it right without significant capitalization can at best become a massive time sink and at worst rapidly degenerate into an ever growing sea of red ink spewing from the professional fees associated with regulatory compliance. Thus proving one isn't wasting money becomes an initiative killing waste of money in itself.

Realistically, a Full University can't be undertaken on the cheap and the individuals who have the wherewithal to make it happen aren't going to start throwing around the large sums needed to do so without being pretty darn sure that the people who will be spending that money know what they are doing.

In short the only way out this Catch-22 is to do our planning up front, explore the full design space of possibilities for doing something that is not just new and different but qualitatively better in the Higher Education Space, consider alternative scenarios, study the underlying economics, think about our curricula, admissions, and administration, and build a compelling Blueprint for how to move forward that will convince those Millionaires and Billionaires sitting on the wealth we need to invest in us to Forge the Future.

Founders' Quadrangle is the place for this vital work to be done.

Imagine — A University of the Future, Grounded in the Traditions of the Past, Championing the Highest Ideals of Western Civilization!

The Founder’s Creed

We are the candle burning bright,
To stave off that long dark night,

For Civilization shall not fall,
While our flame is standing tall,

We are the heirs of Futures Past,
Charging forth in a Cosmos Vast,

Academic Freedom is our Right,
We shall no longer brook its continued slight,

Past grievance and guilt must be left to Die,
If our species is to claim the Sky,

On Merit alone shall we judge,
The time has passed to Begrudge,

We hold none to account for their forbearers' sin,
In the eyes of the Universe we are all next of kin,

If our species is to long Survive,
We must look to the Stars, for it to Thrive,

It matters not where you are from,
Your self-worth lies in what you become,

Our Men and Women work hand in hand,
So the love of learning may ever expand,

To all our peers we show Respect,
And help them hone their Intellect,

Reasoned debate is our Way,
Dark Arts of Demagogues hold no sway,

Honor and Ethics are nothing New,
We shall always give credit where credit is Due,

The Love of Learning is our Passion,
Lest lessons of the past go out of Fashion,

Yet while we treasure the teachings of old,
Our Love of Innovation is just as Bold,

Semiotic Ghosts scare us not,
The Gernsback Continuum need not be a frightful spot,

We accept the charge to hold, Dystopia, at Bay,
For Ours is the Power, to Improve, the World in Every Way,

The World of Tomorrow, can be made, to bend, to our Demands,
For The Shape of Things to come, lies squarely in our Hands,

Through Teaching, Research, or Commercial Venture,
Building Vibrant, Communities of Learning, is our Sacred Indenture,

We are ever eager, to share, what we know,
And take the greatest joy, in watching students grow,

The Professions, Humanities, and Sciences stand not opposed,
For with their union Great Institutions are composed,

We are the Founders of Universities Yet to Be,
Our work is here for you to see.

If you Join Us in this sacred Fight,
You can add your talent to our Growing Might!

External Resources

We commend to your attention these independent organizations whose work informs our thinking.

The College Fix

To see just how severely politics have infected the average campus, we highly recommend The College Fix which offers first hand reports from many campuses.


The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is a highly professional nonpartisan organization that offers many resources related to Academic Freedom including student activism kits and a Model Freedom of Expression Resolution Based on University of Chicago Statement.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation also looks at legal issues related to freedom of speech, privacy, and innovation.

Galt’s Gulch Online

The Education forum of Galt’s Gulch Online features some lively discussions with an Objectivist perspective.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

While many items are pay-wall restricted to subscribers The Chronicle of Higher Education, many stories are made generally available and the site is the best reflection of mainstream thinking in the Higher Ed sector.

Campus Reform & The Leadership Institute

Campus Reform is a project of The Leadership Institute that offers many news stories, articles and videos related to Academic Freedom and the politicization of University Life.

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) is another watch dog organization working to restore Academic Freedom by focusing on how academia allocates its spending and publishing various guides, speeches, reports, newsletters, surveys and other materials in support of a liberalism in its Classical sense.

The Society for College and University Planning

The Society for College and University Planning organizes conferences and workshops, publishes the Planning for Higher Education Journal and is the preeminent group of faculty and administrators involved in all manner of campus planning decision making.