We Are Back! — The Fall 2021 Semester Commences!

We have been doing a lot of back-end plumbing work over the Summer and will be relaunching our website with totally new tooling in the days ahead.

Exciting new features will include Visual Meta to support robust automated citation of our work.

Stay tuned from here out for regular updates!

Happy New Year 2020!

We have been doing a lot of infrastructure work behind the scenes over the last few months and are well underway on the process of converting this website into a single page web application.

This will take us from our current model of framing our WordPress blog and a static snapshot of our bibliographic database, to a much more deeply integrated solution, drawing live data from WordPress and Zotero.

We will go live with this major redesign as soon as we complete it.

Meanwhile, we will be blogging far more frequently as we start to build our numbers.

A Quick Project Update

We have a lot of new incoming resources that we are reading and will be adding to our Bibliographic Database in the weeks ahead. To that end, we are working on a update to our Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) that should improve its functionality and aesthetics.

We are also thinking about how best to make our OPAC operational offline in anticipation of its eventual integration into a standalone Founders’ Quadrangle Notebook application.

Watch This Space

We will use this blog to raise issues and invite feedback from the community!

At this point we are focused on putting some initial infrastructure in place, so it may be some time before things start to get really interesting.